Monday, March 19, 2012


After sitting here, wondering what I should tell you guys, what I shouldn't, I felt considerably sick over disclosing the past month's events. I still miss everyone. I wish I was still in that shitty house, eating warm food and playing games with no worries. I miss my peace of mind too. I regret not being with Storms still, I regret not being to save Ian either time, but.. there's a light in the tunnel. I met someone, recently, no real connection, just a 'Hey we're going the same direction let's travel together' ordeal. He's really quiet. Got this fuckin' stare, thousand yards. I sometimes have to make sure he's still breathing because he can sit so still.

His name is Robert, I just call him Bobby because it rolls off the tongue. He listens to some good music, great for travel. I guess before his mom kicked him out, he played that kind of music, was an acoustic guitarist in some band. We're at some burger joint with free wifi. Really quiet in here, I guess it would be, no one's off work yet. I feel like all the early senseless killing is the worst. They were humans. I'm a human. How can I take another's life, and yet I'm still here. I miss my innocence, that I once had, the smile. I just want to feel better. He showed me this one song, called Sad Songs, believe it or not it helps. My conscience feels clearer every minute.