Monday, September 26, 2011

A one, a two, a one two three four

Well then. I blasted some kid's brains out. Come at me with a knife, my ass. More stories of Him just wanting to correct "It" as they keep telling me. What the fuck would some horror wan to correct? His diet? I don't think I want to be monster food. I decided to stick with the crazy bitch. She's sleeping after a night of driving. As we've noticed, we can spot him better at night. less crowds. I'm thinking of going to my old house. Picking up some stuff. I know I have a shotgun in the safe there, and I could use the firepower. They keep coming, in waves, almost zombie-like.
In other news, I've noticed something. I'm seeing less and less of my kind. and, it's weird. Less passing conversations, about methods. Less friendly faces with something to drink. Less horror stories. I miss the conversations. I miss the broken smiles, and the confidence and energy they brought me. Are we all gonna end up like that? I don't wanna burn out, so won't someone please set me on fire again?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Refresher course.

In my time away, I've had some preeeeettty sweet fuck sessions. all casual little bits. I found out a bit about that... Thing. I'm not gonna talk about it now, as it was last night. anyway, I ended up having a two for one my first night, and after that, I just kept getting more. I had a nice one last night too, perfect body even, beautiful girl. But, too crazy for even MY tastes, she's sleeping next to me, fucks like a beast. One thing stormy never could offer, she could have been sane as a fucking orderly, but she could not fuck like this. It's a nice change. I think He was watching too. good. I want him to see that since I have nothing, I can live freely as possible.

I also learned a bit about this monster... thing, he seems to stalk and have his little wimps kill on surprise, element of surprise doesn't exactly work when I'm always on guard. I've got a gun too. Proxies are the surprised ones, when I put a bullet between the eyes. I also know that he seems to show up quite a bit in history, which makes me wonder, what fuels him? What brings him to our world anyway? and why are so many effected? I'm asking around, some little girl told me "He just wants to fix things." What the fuck would stalking us and frightening then taking us do? What would be the fucking POINT to all this mayhem?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Not dead... Not even fuckin' close.

I split from her, FUCK her. I don't need anyone but me. Ian's still dead, I visited his grave. Shed one fuckin' tear. I know what I have to do now. I need to up the ante. I'm going to kill anything and everything that gets inbetween me and that fucking tall bastard. I'm going to bash skulls in, stomp faces, and do whatever it takes. I want to know what makes that fucker tick. how many of us have been effected by this fucker now? The number's possibly hundreds. What the fuck IS HE?