Monday, February 20, 2012

The Old Friend.

I'm not gonna post any chatlogs or any of that shit, but an old friend of mine, who wished for their identity to remain a secret contacted me. He completely freaked out, as he has seen my blog, tore me a new one over killing Ian. Multiple times. I asked hime if he understood the gravity of the shit I'm in, he laughed at me. He fucking laughed at me.

Then, there was a knock at his door, he said he'd be right back, so I waited, then some fucker with this retarded as fucking lack of typing skills, sorta like 's0m3 r374rd3d @ss sh17 |_1k3 7h1s' tells me just because Ian's done for, it doesn't mean I'm not a target. My friend is dead because of that fucker. Anyway, After that, my computer started bugging the fuck out, just fucking exploding with bugs, I had to do a full sysrestore, and even now, there's an operator symbol signifying a program that I cannot see nor can I close. Fuckin' proxies.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

valentines season is over

That was a horrible fucking stretch of time. All those fucking commercials, "SPEND YOUR WORTHLESS FUCKING LINEN ON SHINIES IN HOPES YOU GET SEX FROM IT," ha, fuckit. The last time I ever used my dick for more than pissing was with storms that one time. Found out what she's been up to, glad she's with a better crowd than me. Don't get all offended either, saying it's because I spent the day alone. I didn't. I spent the day on a date with someone here, I've been hanging out in an industrial shell of a town, for the previous amount of time. She invited me in that night. I declined, gave her a kiss. She was found dead two days later.

I miss everyone. I miss storms, that smile she'd get, I miss Ian, before I had to actually kill him, I miss not worrying. He took this from me. My entire life, all stolen by some eldritch fucking horror that OUR MINDS MADE UP. Jesus fucking christ. Fuck you, Mister Surge. Fuck you. Even now, I want to embrace that girl. If I tried now, I'd be hugging an entrail soaked body. I don't want to cry, I've done too much of that by now.

I'm gonna stick here though. Running does nothing. He always finds you. Next time I meet someone, I'm not gonna let her die. Not again. I've lost everything now, except my own dignity, and if there comes something he can steal, I'm gonna invest in top of the line security to protect it. Slender security.  I'll check back with you guys, when I can.