Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greeting travelers! New missions are available at the Fyrestone bounty board!

So I bought a new copy of Borderlands, and have been playing it pretty intensely, I was a 69 before I got this copy, so I'm just running through all the DLC. Away from that, Stormy's post is kinda eerie, but the kids were probably just grounded, I remember the feeling.  I also figured you guy's like to get to know me better. I'm an intense gamer, like, I get into a zone. I'm a high school graduate taking a year away from school, to help pay the bills. I plan on playing every videogame to be released, just for the fun of it. I brag a huge 500 game collection, spanning from Pong to Xbox 360 games. I'm pretty lazy about blogging. This thing was Ian's idea anyway, he has one too, I'll post a link for it sooner or later, he said something about wanting us to be on the map for the best clans or something like that. Anyway. I'm feeling like playing Amnesia, so I'mma just end this now. Oh yeah, I have an email, it's

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