Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thought I might try shooting my way out. Mix it up a little.

Oh shit, hard to believe it's been a week. Not a lot has happened. Haven't heard much from Ian. Salesman fucked off for now. this time he was outside my house, so I went out with my shaun-of-the-dead decorated cricket bat, and he was gone, must have sent him running. Anyway, I'm wondering now if maybe he's part of some aggressive ad campaign, that'd be kinda cool and kinda creepy. After staying at a 50 in black ops since December 31st I finally prestige'd for the first time. Now I'm a level 30. Got a new job. Music store. All I have to do is direct kids to the genre they ask for and I get paid, talk about fucking awesome. Things have been pretty alright recently, minus that fucking creep. I'll be keeping you lovely followers posted more often though, okay? Don't want to disappoint the masses, we all know that feeling. Oh wait, what masses? Haha, alright, enough of my dumb humor, I think I might take a nap.

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