Saturday, June 18, 2011

She's okay...

Thank fucking god... Stormy's okay. I got a call from her friend Iris that she was put into rehab just a few hours ago after finally waking up from her coma. I even went to visit her. As soon as I showed up, the doctors asked if I was Ken, and I immediately said yeah. Apparently, Stormy's been crying out for me the whole time, refusing to sit still until she saw me. That's my girl.

She was in a wheelchair, looking more thin than usual and really pale. The doctors were trying to get her to eat, but she was complaining about the shit hospital food. I held onto her hand as long as I could, occasionally kissing it. I kept telling her that I loved her and even urged her to eat. My heart melted when she said she loved me too. After about two hours of seeing her, the stupid doctors told me I had to go. I was tempted to tell them to fuck off and take her away from that place, but I stopped myself. They told me they might let her out tomorrow if she stays awake.

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