Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stay Sharp.

It's been months since my last post. Feels like years. Ian's dead. For good. I'm not. Looks like there's still some use left in me. It's funny, I've been living a semi-normal life now. I've been gaming again, forgot about this stupid blog for a while even, but one fact rang true, and it's why I'm here again writing this post. He found me. I was playing the newest cock of doody game, or whatever, and my power flickered. Figures, the house had shoddy wiring anyhow. I went outside to see if any fuses popped, none, I turned to see Him in my neighbor's back yard.

After that, I remember nothing. I awoke in my room, a nice cut over my eye. black eye too. Had an IM from an old friend. That's a story for another time though. That strahm guy, I seriously hope he's still kicking. Read his newest blog post, he had better be kicking otherwise I feel like we've lost our strongest support. Ken, signing off.


  1. I'd love to hear this "story for another time."

    1. I'm posting it today. I'm still surprised over it, just... working on transcribing it.