Monday, February 20, 2012

The Old Friend.

I'm not gonna post any chatlogs or any of that shit, but an old friend of mine, who wished for their identity to remain a secret contacted me. He completely freaked out, as he has seen my blog, tore me a new one over killing Ian. Multiple times. I asked hime if he understood the gravity of the shit I'm in, he laughed at me. He fucking laughed at me.

Then, there was a knock at his door, he said he'd be right back, so I waited, then some fucker with this retarded as fucking lack of typing skills, sorta like 's0m3 r374rd3d @ss sh17 |_1k3 7h1s' tells me just because Ian's done for, it doesn't mean I'm not a target. My friend is dead because of that fucker. Anyway, After that, my computer started bugging the fuck out, just fucking exploding with bugs, I had to do a full sysrestore, and even now, there's an operator symbol signifying a program that I cannot see nor can I close. Fuckin' proxies.

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