Monday, June 11, 2012

So, this is going to be my goodbye.

Yesterday, I was walking down a street, and there was him, again. This time, there was a different air, like I'd outlived my worth. A tentacle lashed out at me, the flesh it touched was seared, and I screamed in pain, this led to a lot of boss battle esque dodging of tentacles. I had enough burns to be qualified for medical treatment before my savior fought back. He had the distinct scent of cocaine about him, and his hair was a mess. He shoved a hand through the monster's chest, letting out a battle cry of 'WINNING!' In that moment, I realized my hero was none other than Charlie Sheen. I looked on in awe, as the two battled, rivals of some sort, I'd guess, when he screamed 'So, we meet again, ya' bastard. Preyin' on little boys again? That's just not sheen worthy.' He and slenderman duked it out while I attempted to escape, being met by Charlie telling me that if I moved again he'd kill me too.

Finally, after both were completely fucking full of holes, good ol coward slendy fucking teleported, fucking wuss. Sheen approached me, and I blacked out. I'm now on the set of two and a half men, with a liion waiting for me. I'm gonna die now. Adios.

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